The story behind the fantastic great taste

Kanzi® means ‘hidden treasure’ in Swahili, and that’s for a good reason! Every Kanzi® apple is a treasure in its own, which is cherished and loved 365 days a year by the grower. The apple is only harvested when it’s perfect, because only with the renowed blushing red peel and ideal maturing is a Kanzi® apple ready to seduce you. Let’s walk the growing path of this unique apple together.

Did you know...

• Kanzi®is grown and cared for in eleven countries all around the world, by hundreds of selected growers.
• The orchards for Kanzi® are specially selected based on soil, climate and craftmanship of the grower.
• Kanzi® apples keep their firmness longer than many other apples.
That’s why they are particularly suitable for carrying them with you on-the-go.