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Kanzi® is an apple brand. Meaning only specially selected orchards can grow these fine premium apples. This guarantees the homogeneous Kanzi® quality and great look and taste. There are quite a few apple brands in the world. It’s good to know Kanzi® is in the top 3 of the world’s biggest apple brands.

From blossom to picking and packing, care and attention is lavished on each Kanzi®. An intense global technical network provides the Kanzi® growers with best practices to successfully grow the best Kanzi® apples possible.

Kanzi® quick facts:

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A guaranteed premium quality apple with a long shelf-life and great display life.

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A shiny, red-green apple with a distinctive shape and uniform size.

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Firm, juicy flesh with a refreshing crunchy bite and a uniquely balanced sweet-tart flavour.


Supported by an integrated marketing & communications concept

With Kanzi® in your business you will gain an important asset in your FP portfolio.
A strong brand, a category leader and continuous sales throughout the year.

Kanzi® uses the full mix of modern and classic marketing instruments to make sure your customers will continue to favor Kanzi®.

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Strategy 2015

The Kanzi® brand is strong and brand awareness continues to grow. For 2015, the marketing strategy has been reinforced while maintaining the ‘seductive’ positioning of Kanzi®. Stay tuned for more information on the new campaign.

Kanzi® facts and flavours

Sensual, Sweet, Seductive

Kanzi® is a natural cross of Gala and Braeburn that gives it an attractive, shiny red appearance and a refined flavour. The apple has a crisp firm bite with juicy aromatic flesh and optimal sweet to sour flavour ratio. Kanzi® is easily recognisable by its uniform size and red blush.

It's a Kanzi® world

Grown in Europe, USA, Chile, South-Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Marketed globally across the continents.


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