New Harvest

The Kanzi® apple is one-of-a-kind. You’re most likely already familiar with its deliciously well-balanced sweet-tart flavour and crunchy bite but there’s so much more to know and love about this apple…

For instance, did you know that a Kanzi® apple has to meet 18 different quality criteria before it’s allowed to be branded a real Kanzi® apple? Yes, 18! To give you an even juicier flavour of your favourite apple, we’ve created an infographic with lots of tasty facts. Check it out below.

Process after the harvest

Curious about the post-harvest process? Discover more and see how your Kanzi® apple gets into the supermarket.


The Kanzi® apple is a blend of juicy Gala and tangy, sweet Braeburn. Their perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavour, as well as crunchy texture makes Kanzi® apples the perfect choice for your kitchen and cooking! With the new harvest the recipes will taste even better!