Big Switch Campaign


7 out of every 10 shoppers pick Kanzi® as their new favourite apple*

This season we supercharged our marketing with the launch of a powerful new integrated campaign that invited UK consumers to experience the power of great taste and switch to Kanzi®. A natural cross between the Gala and Braeburn varieties, Kanzi® apples are loved by consumers the world over for their shiny firm, juicy skin with a refreshing crunchy bite and a uniquely balanced sweet-tart flavour. And to prove that UK consumers prefer Kanzi® too, and to encourage more retailers to stock up all year round, we launched our Kanzi® Big Switch campaign to give UK shoppers the chance to try our apples, experience the power of great taste and literally switch to Kanzi®.

*based on sampling with 3,600 shoppers, Nov 19


To kick off this high-profile campaign we filmed and released a video stunt. Secretly filmed in Battersea Park, London, the video was a social media sensation with thousands upon thousands of views. The video shows how we placed crates brimming with free Kanzi® apples beneath a big power switch and the message: “Will you Switch?”. Consumers took and enjoyed the Kanzi® apples before pressing the big switch. What happened next was an incredible spectacle of colour, music, dance and acrobatics. The performance and the reactions of the consumers were captured in this video as a visual representation of the power of great taste that’s experienced when you switch to a Kanzi® apple.