What Consumers tell us

Consumers want a premium apple for everyday.
They expect consistent quality.
Consumers respond to good looks and great taste.
And they want their favourite apple to be available everywhere and anytime.

“I want the best looking apple, with the greatest taste! And I want it now!”

What Retail tells us

Retailers want a consistent and homogenous apple.
They want a category leader in brand awareness and consumer preference.
Retailers need a premium product with a healthy margin.
And they want an apple with a great display and and shelf life that is available all year round.

“I want an apple that sells itself, because my customers already know and love the apple or will soon after a first bite!”

Kanzi® delivers!

Kanzi® is in the top 3 of world's biggest apple brands.
Kanzi® is available year round.
Kanzi® brand awareness continues to grow and is supported by bold campaigns on a country specific level.
Kanzi® comes in attractive packaging that consumers recognise and love.
Kanzi® sales are boosted with sampling, tastings and promotions.

“Specially selected orchards guarantee the homogenous Kanzi® quality.”

Kanzi® quick facts:

Fact icon: tree

A guaranteed premium quality apple with a long shelf-life and great display life.

Fact icon: apple

A shiny, red-green apple with a distinctive shape and uniform size.

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Firm, juicy flesh with a refreshing crunchy bite and a uniquely balanced sweet-tart flavour.


Supported by an integrated marketing & communications concept

With Kanzi® in your business you will gain an important asset in your FP portfolio.
A strong brand, a category leader and continuous sales throughout the year.

Kanzi® uses the full mix of modern and classic marketing instruments to make sure your customers will continue to favour Kanzi®.

Facts and Figures

Strategy 2015

The Kanzi® brand is strong and brand awareness continues to grow. For 2015, the marketing strategy has been reinforced while maintaining the ‘seductive’ positioning of Kanzi®. Stay tuned for more information on the new campaign.

The Kanzi® People in your market can help you with promotional activities to guarantee additional visibility and demand in-store.

Kanzi® Facts and Flavours

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Kanzi® is a natural cross of Gala and Braeburn that gives it an attractive, shiny red appearance and a refined flavour.

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The apple has a crisp firm bite with juicy aromatic flesh and optimal sweet to sour flavour ratio.

Fact icon: apple

Kanzi® is easily recognisable by its uniform size and red blush. Sensual, sweet and seductive.


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